Frequently Asked Questions

When will Draxel be finished?

We are unsure of when Draxel will be finished. Hopefully it will be done at some point this year.

Where will Draxel go when it is finished?

Draxel will be uploaded to the Steam Store when we've completed it.

How much will it cost when it's done?

Draxel may or may not be free when it is completed. If it is not free, it likely won't cost any more than 3 dollars.

I found a bug!

Either post about it on the 2xS forums, or post it in the Draxel Development News Steam group. Don't Steam message me it, I'm not always quick to respond there.

What language did you program Draxel in?

Draxel was programmed using GML, which stands for GameMaker language. It is used in a program called GameMaker: Studio, which is free for anyone to use. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to code; it is very simple to learn, and is very good at making 2D games!

What can I do to help?

Nothing at the moment.

Where do I get x item?

Visit the official Draxel wiki to find out! There are several articles about game components there, including forging recipes, enemy stats, item drops, and several tips on how to overcome tough challenges.

Can I play the game?

A demo is available on the website.

Where'd you get the music from?

Most of the music came from Eric Skiff's website, which is under a Creatve Commons license, so anyone can use it for free. We also got some music from Ozzed, Azureflow, and Rolemusic, all under Creative Commons licenses. If it didn't come from any of these locations, we made it.

How do you buy Excalisaber Z?

All you need to do is get 5 more gold.

I can't find x item!

If you're having trouble finding an item drop, tell us. We can't really help you with your luck, but often times the odds are a bit too low.

Can I use your assets/code in my game?