What's this all about?

Draxel is a game developed by Alex Rummel (Acr515) of 2xS Games. Development began long ago in February of 2015; long before it was thought that this project would grow so large!

Draxel has seen many developmental hiatuses over this span of time. Despite these, we applied to Steam Greenlight in April of 2016 with an incomplete game. Having since shut down, Greenlight allowed developers a chance to reach the Steam storefront, the largest PC gaming storefront in the world, with user votes. The game received a significantly larger volume of "no" votes than "yes" votes, and development was largely ceased as a result.

That is, until June 2017, when we were sent an email that we were somehow Greenlit! There was a lot of dust that had to be cleaned off and processes that needed to be programmed, though. Draxel remains a daunting project with a lot left to go until completion. If you'd like some more of your questions to be answered, scroll on!

The lazy, corpulent banker. The farmer of the meadow. The priest and fearless leader of the Church of Peter the Pepper Shaker! The greedy shopkeeper. The successful entrepreneur responsible for The Big Buck.


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When will Draxel be finished?

We aren't certain. There's still a lot more to go before it is done. Check back often for updates!

Where can I get it when it's done?

Draxel will be available for download from Steam.

How much will it cost?

At the current time, we aren't sure if the game will be free or not; if it has a price, it shouldn't be anything higher than 3 dollars.

What language was Draxel programmed in?

Draxel was programmed using GML, which stands for GameMaker language. It is used in a program called GameMaker: Studio, which is free for anyone to use. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to code; it's very simple to learn, and it's a quality 2D game engine!

What can I do to help?

We will need beta-testers to help us complete the game once it is near completion. If you would like to be one of these testers, click here!

Can I use your assets/code in my project?