Draxel is a game developed by 2xS Games where the player must train and gather the tools and weapons necessary to complete quests and defeat a villainous dragon! Looking for the news? Click here!

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What is Draxel?

Draxel is a game about a brave warrior who embarks upon a quest to defeat a might dragon and save the land! Armed with merely a wimpy shortsword (which is only capable of handling the likes of fluffy bunny rabbits), this stoic viking-capped hero cannot accomplish this weighty task alone.

Along your way, you'll collect tons of different weapons and equipment items and explore a vast world with many diverse environments. You'll train yourself and test your skills against blood-thirsty monsters: orcs, snowmen, mummies, mages, sorcerers, elves, and snakes among other difficult adversaries. You'll meet tons of people, from the friendly shopkeeper to the oblivious village guard to the irritable, furious nurse. At the end of your epic journey, you must slay the dragon and overcome his awesome strength!

The main character: a brave warrior, clad with viking cap and leather tunic! A nefarious and cunning green orc. A well-armored yet cowardly guard! A dangerous mummy, armed with rolls of toilet paper for the throwing! The irritable, dry-humored nurse.

There's something for everyone in Draxel. Throughout your journey (and even after you complete it!) you can pay a visit to the acclaimed Pyramid and try your skills in a colliseum-esque environment. Compete for the fastest completion time of each special challenge, or last as long as you can in Endless! Or, if you're more of the gambling type, stop at one of the cafes and try your luck at a round of The Big Buck, the most successful lottery ticket in the Draxel universe.

All this sounds pretty exciting, right? The entire Draxel experience can be yours if you scroll up and click the Play Draxel button on the navigation bar. Or, if you'd like, you can just click this here fancy-dancy link.

A ferocious snowball-chucking snowman! An evil dark elf. A powerful, mystical ice elemental. A strong, marauding zombie. A relentless shadow!


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